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Thomas C. Walker Bio

  • Admitted to California State Bar, 1984
  • Admitted to U.S. District Courts,  Northern District
  • Member, American Association of University Professors
  • (Former) Santa Clara Bar Association, Contra Costa Bar Association, California Employment Lawyers Association, National Employment Lawyers Association, SHRM Board of Governors.
  • Juris Doctorate, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, 1983
  • Exec Leadership Program, Harvard Graduate School, 1994

Since 2003, this law office has represented SF Bay Area executives, nonprofit workers, artists, CEOs, customer service representatives, programmers, financial brokers, CFOs, software engineers, client account managers, undocumented workers, acamedicans; all types of workers and professionals in many different industries.  Tech company workers are our most common client. Prior to 2003, Tom Walker was a Human Capital Consultant to many of the Fortune companies on the US West Coast, a senior executive and corporate counsel.  This practice prefers working for people, not corporations..          

                                          Your personal success is what matters here.
Tom Walker
Tom's practice emphasizes employment coaching, civil litigation and settlement negotiation of employment law claims with litigation experience in California, Washington & Alaska. He has board level experience negotiating with emerging technology to Fortune companies, and has acted as a contract negotiator for one union loca and as an adjunct professor of Employment Law and Corporations, (USVLS), Tom has completed the Harvard Graduate School Executive Leadership program and several advanced programs in businss leadership and negotiation. 
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Coaching Practice 
At the request of clients, beginning in 2004 Tom's practice evolved a coaching and consultation service for employees seeking strategy and guidance for their employment separations and transition negotiation.   To date, Tom has assisted over 300 clients in post-employment release and severance negotiation. Besides decades of experience in human capital management. Tom's coaching exposure includes the Harvard's Executive Leadership ProgramBarry Pogoral's Transformational Leadership Program, as well as Board level experience with Fortune 500 company executives. 
Tom's youth was spent on Meadow Island and in Queens, New York.   He relocated to San Diego, CA at age 20 where he finished college and law school.  His wife Susan was a student at a rival law school in San Diego, and since meeting they have been married for almost 35 years.  Tom & Susan's  three adult children live in Reno,  San Francisco and Philadelphia. Tom's family are avid cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts, and Tom is a competitive runner in local 10K events.