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Employment Contracting, PIP Disputes, Retaliation, NonCompetes

Unlike many attorneys, I provide in-career employee consultations, intervention, document review and strategies for job protection and in anticipation of separations. These projects may also involve an assessment of independent contractor status, misclassifications, disputed temporary & leased employee scenarios and/or unfair business practices. 

Employment Discrimination, Harassment, Hostile Work Environment Claims 

have prosecuted EEOC, DFEH (Title VII & FEHA) complaints and litigated claims involving age, sex, race, disability, race and gender discrimination.  I offer assistance with disability & statutory protected leave scenarios and help in-service employees save their employment relationship. These engagements are the core of my employment practice.   
Labor Code Violations,  Administrative Hearings, CUIAB

I have been privileged to represent clients at Labor Commissioner (DLSE) hearings, the MSPB, DOL, EEOC and DFEH.  In appropriate situations, I will represent my clients at EDD/CUIAB appeals and assist them in fighting for their unemployment insurance benefits.  
Understanding Employment Rights, Remedies & Your Options

The laws governing employment rights and disputes are often complex, counterintuitive, and involve considerations of state and federal conflicts, case law, statutes, and a pragmatic view of what works.  Knowledge is power; an informed person makes better decisions. 
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 Employee-side only;  I do not represent corporations or employers 

Several hundreds of SF Bay Area individuals represented in legal disputes 

Many hundreds of  California employees and execs coached through separations 

World-wide negotiation engagements  for California ex-pat executive clients

Santa Clara and SF East Bay Offices  
Profound experience in severance plans, HR negotiation & separation strategies

Always one on one services by attorney, not law clerks or paralegals