Employment Contracting, PIP Disputes, Retaliation, NonCompetes

Unlike many attorneys, I provide in-career employee consultations, intervention, document review and strategies for job protection and in anticipation of separations. These projects may also involve an assessment of independent contractor status, misclassifications, disputed temporary & leased employee scenarios and/or unfair business practices.

Employment Discrimination, Harassment, Hostile Work Environment Claims

I have prosecuted EEOC, DFEH (Title VII & FEHA) complaints and litigated claims involving age, sex, race, disability, race and gender discrimination.  I offer assistance with disability & statutory protected leave scenarios and help in-service employees save their employment relationship. These engagement are the core of my employment practice.  
Labor Code Violations,  Administrative Hearings, CUIAB

I have prosecuted labor code violations, and represented clients at Labor Commissioner (DLSE) hearings, the MSPB, EEOC and DFEH.  In appropriate situations, I will represent my clients at EDD/CUIAB appeals and fight for their unemployment insurance benefits. 
Understanding Employment Rights, Remedies & Your Options

The laws governing employment rights and disputes are often complex and involve considerations of state and federal enactments, case law and statutes, and the pragmatic view.  Knowledge is power; an informed person makes better decisions.
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Employee-side only;  I do not represent corporations or employers

Hundreds of SF Bay Area individuals successfully represented in legal disputes

Hundreds of  California employees and execs coached through separations

World-wide negotiation engagements  for California ex-pat executive clients

Santa Clara,  SF East Bay & Los Angeles offices 

Profound experience in severance plans, HR negotiation & separation strategies

Always one on one services by attorney, not law clerks or paralegals
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