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Severance Pay, Employment Separation

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For Current & Former Employees, Coaching for Separation and Severance Agreements
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Wrongful Termination Claims

Workplace Harassment & Discrimination 

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Law Offices of Thomas C. Walker
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(650) 889-4090
Law Offices of Thomas C. Walker
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Example Engagements for California Employees
practice limited to
Personal Coaching for Separation Strategy, Termination Timing, Notice & Tactics, Optomizing Severance Pay & Terms, UI, COBRA, Benefits Continuation Issues, Afterglow Considerations, Release Agreements Reviewed.

Commission Plans, Labor Code 2751 Compliance, DLSE Claims, Failures to Pay Business Expenses & Final Wages. 

Onboarding Employment Contracts & Negotiation.
        Age, Disability, Race, Gender Discrimination      Cases & Wrongful Termination Claims

      Unlawful Retaliation for Protesting or    engaging in Protected Activities.
          Reasonable Accommodation Demands   under ADA and FEHA.

Representing Employees in Human Resources Internal Investigations 
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