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Severance Pay, Employment Separation

Employee-Side Employment Law
...and Coaching for Separation and Severance Agreements
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Wrongful Termination Claims

Workplace Harassment & Discrimination

Unpaid Wages & Commissions Claims 

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Personal Coaching for Separation Strategy, Termination Timing, Notice & Tactics, Optomizing Severance Pay & Terms, UI, COBRA, Benefits Continuation Issues, Afterglow Considerations, 

Simple Release Agreements Reviews

Exit Strategy Consulting Engagements

Onboarding Employment Contracts & Negotiation
Wrongful Termination,  Discrimination,  Harassment claims due to adverse employment action due to Age, Disability, Medical Leave, Accommodations Denial, Race, Gender / Sex, and Religion.  

Unlawful Retaliation claims on behalf of employees protesting or engaging in Protected Activities.

Unpaid Wage & Forfeited Commissions / Bonus claims, breach of Employment Contract. 

Representing employees in Human Resources investigations & internal complaints. 
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